Donate R250/month and help us train disciples to reach the lost for Christ! Get a book on us every month, to help grow your faith.

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  1. What is the Secret Book Box?
    – This exciting new initiative is subscription-based and runs for a period of 12 months.
    You receive: at least one Christian book per month with a variety of topics covered over
    the 12 month period. As a thank you from our side, you’ll receive 5 books with your first
    Secret Book Box delivery.

    We receive: enough funding from each subscription to train 2 individuals for free on
    effective evangelism through a short course called IGNITE.
  2. What is the cost of subscribing?
    The monthly fee of R250 includes your membership, administrative charges and courier
    – You can either pay via debit order each month of via a once-off purchase amount of
    R2 750.00 which gives you the last month for free.
  3. What types of books and titles can I expect?
  1. What is the impact YOU make through this subscription?
  • For You: A variety of top quality Christian literature for you or your family’s own enjoyment.
  • For Others: A fantastic gift to pay forward to a family or individual wanting to learn more on a specific Christian topic covered by the book/s. Also, your subscription allows us to train two individuals for free on effective evangelism to quicker spread the Good News of Christ. This way you are expanding your own and others’ knowledge and growth in faith.
  • For Us: Your subscription enables us to further expand the Kingdom of God through our short course training on effective evangelism, called IGNITE!