We don’t believe evangelism itself is very complicated. It may take a long time for someone to reach the point of finally choosing Christ, but the core of evangelism is simply sharing the Good News of what Christ did with people who don’t know about it.  And continuing to do it as a faithful child of the King.



There are lots of reasons why people say they’re reluctant to vocalise their faith with others, but it usually boils down to fear.  They don’t feel confident or brave enough to engage in faith conversations with people. So we’ve created a simple evangelism training model that helps address – and dispel!- the fears many people have.

Fear Busters

Through an engaging, interactive webinar, participants learn how to:

  • step through their fears
  • be aware of people around them in their everyday routines
  • engage with them in conversation
  • share their faith story in a simple but effective way
  • offer people hope from God’s Word
  • invite them to accept Jesus as their Saviour

Following the training, participants have the opportunity to activate what they just learned.

Ignite Webinar

Join us online to train you how to evangelise & share the Good News with your family, friends & colleagues. Our IGNITE short course, was developed over a period of 10 years to equip Christians. We train you to overcome your fears, what not to say and how to create opportunities to spread the Word of God, through your own testimony.

More than 10 000 people have been trained world-wide.

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