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Who We Are

WordSpread, above all, serves Christ by empowering and mobilizing Christians and the church, to win souls to Christ.  Parallel to this, WordSpread’s goal is to encourage growth of the Church in South Africa and to expand this mission into Africa. WordSpread provides training and materials to Christian believers, to enable effective evangelism through the Word of God (verbal and printed). Second to this – a credible platform is provided to commercial organizations and professionals to partner as benefactors and donors, in support of our vision.

Our Purpose
In Action


Our goal to encourage growth in the Church in South Africa and other African countries, can only be realised through proper infrastructure and support.  This would include effective communication, availability of Christian literature on a large scale, volunteers, short course facilitation and development and donor relations. The urgency to get the word out regarding The WordSpread Foundation and its focus is pressing.  This will be the biggest challenge – to spread the word and the Word as far and wide as possible and as swiftly as possible.

Global & local partners

WordSpread is registered as a Public Benefit Organization which means donors can benefit from the Section 18 Tax Certificates

Meet the team

Christo van der Schyff

Chief Executive Officer

Zandré van der Nest

Development Officer

Bongani Makofane

Development Officer

Magda Pretorius

Marketing Manager

Marlene Abrie

Communication Strategist