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Purpose and Mission of WordSpread

Our Vision is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and the Word of God.


Our Mission is to equip and MOBILIZE Christian believers to win people over to Jesus Christ.


Most Christian entities need training and development material to effectively mobilise believers to expand God’s Kingdom. In working with such entities, WordSpread will endeavour to optimise their impact given typical challenges such as sufficient budget, skills and expertise.

Our purpose is to guide and assist in this worthy endeavour, which creates a credible platform for commercial organisations and businesspeople to partner as benefactors and donors.

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8 Hammerkop Street, Eden, George, South Africa, 6529

Next Steps


The call of Christ to spread His Good News is at the core of our work. We aim to fulfil this Godly purpose by focusing on these key areas:

Training & development

We make use of material relevant to Africa to train believers. This will be done through short courses, in view of eventually presenting training at every level of personal development (kindergarten through tertiary).

Support centre for Non Governmental Organisations

We are creating a support centre to assist small NGO’s with development and increasing their efficiency.

Publication and distribution of literature for educational purposes

We have partnered with Oasis Publishing Africa to facilitate the development, production and distribution of literature to aid growth of skills in the African context.

Christian NGO Round Table

WordSpread will spearhead the development of a platform for Christian NGO’s to exchange ideas, spur on creativity and promote constant operational improvement.

Bible distribution

Promoting Bible distribution by partnering with and supporting organisations such as the Gideons International and Hands with Words.

“It is evident that an entity had to be created to facilitate this – a vehicle through which benefactors and partners can channel tax deductible contributions to extend God’s Kingdom. WordSpread is thus registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), sanctioned to issue Section 18 Tax certificates.”




We are excited to partner with organisations sharing some of the goals and core values of WordSpreaD:


a Christian research organisation.

Hands with Words

the leading NPO involved with the translation of the Bible in SA sign language.

Oasis Publishing Africa

A global publishing house with Africa as a focus market.


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