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"Fight the Spirit of Fear & Spread the Good News"

All Christians are called by Christ to find the lost and to share the Gospel – concerning Matthew 28:19 – and is the very essence of our calling. However, most Christian believers are not properly equipped in order to evangelise non-believers within a short space of time. 

It’s a challenge - but it’s also

an opportunity

And that’s where  you come in . Our passion is to fuel followers of Christ, through our on-line training course, IGNITE, TO SHARE THE GOSPEL with…

What we do is simple!

It’s just people talking to other people, telling them what someone named Jesus did on their behalf and sharing the Good News. We have a team who are dedicated to doing that whenever and wherever they can.

Our Mission

To equip and mobilise Christian believers to win people over to Jesus Christ, effectively and with the call/sense of urgency.

Our Vision

WordSpread, above all, serves Christ by empowering and ,to win souls to Christ.  Parallel to this, WordSpread’s goal is to encourage growth in the Church, in South Africa and to expand this mission into Africa.

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